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Glossary of Kosher Terms - Kosher Food - About.com
What is the meaning of Fleishig, Glatt Kosher, Halacha, Hashgacha, Hechser, Shechita, and Tevilas Keilim? This glossary explains these and other kosher terms ...
Glatt Kosher Definition - What is Glatt Kosher - Glossary of Kosher ...
While the term glatt kosher technically refers only to meat that has passed a test which checks that the slaughtered animal was not defective according to Jewish  ...
Kashrut Definition - What is Kashrut - Glossary of Kosher Terms
Kashrut is the Hebrew word for keeping kosher. The basic laws of kashrut, as known as Jewish Dietary Laws, can be found in the Judaism's holy book, the ...
What Is Parve? - Glossary of Kosher Terms - Kosher Food - About.com
Parve is a Hebrew term (pareve is the Yiddish term) that describes food without any meat or dairy ... More Kosher Vocabulary Words: Glossary of Kosher Terms.
Mehadrin - Definition (Kosher Term) - Kosher Food - About.com
Mehadrin refers to the most stringent level of kosher supervision.
Torah Definition - What is Torah - Glossary of Kosher Terms
The Torah's Book of Leviticus records the most basic laws of kashrut. The Talmud records details about the laws of kashrut. Later Judaism's kosher laws were ...
What is Kosher Food? - About.com
Read a succinct, clear definition of kosher food. ... Answer: Kosher food is food prepared in accordance with Jewish Dietary Laws. ... Glossary of Kosher Terms.
A List of Racist and Offensive Terms - Race Relations - About.com
Some argue, though, that the term doesn't put down Natives but the Europeans who settled in America and reneged on the promises they'd made to the ...
Are Eggs Considered Dairy Products?
(This is because an un-laid egg is considered meat and it is not Kosher to consume dairy with meat, not ... Dairy-Free Basics - Health & Nutrition, Terms, & More.
Table Salt, Kosher Salt, Finishing Salt - Food Reference - About.com
Kosher Salt - Salt labeled as Kosher salt can be one of two things: salt that has ... Sea Salt - Sea salt is a broad term for salt produced by evaporating sea water ...
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