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Use this recipe index to find all recipes in the About.com Kosher Food site. All recipes in this site include kosher ingredients and follow Jewish Dietary Laws, such as separating food containing dairy from food that contains meat.
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  5. Dairy Entrees
  6. Pareve Entrees
  7. Meat Entrees
  8. Vegetarian
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Sweet Potato, Spinach, and Caramelized Onion Tart

Traditional Jewish appetizers include Baba Ghanouj, Burekas, Blintzes, Chopped Liver, Gefilte Fish, Herring, and Whitefish Salad. However, any appetizer can be made kosher by using kosher ingredients and preparing according to Jewish Dietary Laws.

Breads & Baked Goods


Beginning when Abraham had Sarah bake for the visiting angels as a sign of hospitality, bread has had rich symbolic meaning in Judaism. Sacred texts and commentaries govern bread baking and eating rituals. Today in Judaism, bread at the Jewish Sabbath or holiday table is a symbolic substitute for grain offerings sacrificed at the altar of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Enjoy these kosher recipes for challah, rye, pumpernickel, bagels, pita and more.



Kosher soup is not limited to borscht and chicken soup. In fact, any soup made of kosher ingredients and cooked according to Jewish Dietary Laws is a kosher soup.



Find a variety of kosher recipes for colorful, healthy salads. Salads are an important part of kosher dining as they can be easily incorporated into meat or dairy menus.

Dairy Entrees

Butternut Squash and Leek Lasagna

Milk or any food containing a milk derivative - even in the smallest amount - is considered "dairy" (chalavi in Hebrew, milchig in Yiddish) by Jewish Dietary Laws. A dairy product can be certified as kosher if the milk and cheeses 1) come from a kosher animal, 2) contain no non-kosher substances, and 3) contain no meat substances.

Pareve Entrees


Foods that are not meat or dairy are considered "pareve" (parve in Hebrew) by Jewish Dietary Laws. As a pareve food, fish can be served with both dairy and meat meals. Consequently, fish, a high-protein and low-fat food, plays a prominent role in kosher cuisine.

Meat Entrees


Any food made with meat or fowl is considered "meat" (basari in Hebrew, fleishig in Yiddish) by Jewish Dietary Laws. Kosher certified meat 1) comes from an animal that chews its cud and has split hooves, 2) is slaughtered according to Jewish dietary laws by a trained kosher slaughterer, and 3) has been salted before cooking.


Biblical text implies that vegetarianism is ideal. If, however, one cannot control a craving for meat, then meat can be eaten. The meat should be kosher as a reminder that the animal being eaten is a creature of God.

Side Dishes

This collection of kosher recipes for side dishes can be used to enrich any meal. It includes vegetables, pastas and rice, and of course a variety of scrumptious kugels.


Food is an integral part of Jewish culture, and desserts are an integral part of Jewish cuisine. Jewish desserts are a synthesis of recipes from the many places that Jews have lived throughout the centuries, all influenced by Jewish dietary laws.

Quick Kosher Cooking

If your busy schedule leaves you little time for cooking, you don't have to settle for pasta again. With the right collection of recipes at their disposal, busy cooks can prepare and serve creative, eye-pleasing and scrumptious home-cooked kosher meals.

Nutritious Kosher Cooking

Kosher food is one way to lead a more conscientious life, and nutritious food is one way to a healthier body. For the good of your body and soul, enjoy these healthy kosher recipes.

Kosher Cooking for Kids

These are kosher recipes by and for children. Find recipes with few ingredients and easy instructions that enable kids to cook by themselves. And find recipes for dishes especially loved by children.

Kosher Cooking Worldwide

Any food can be kosher if it is prepared with kosher ingredients and in a kosher way. In an effort to ease your search for different kinds of kosher food, these kosher recipes have been organized into ethnic groups, including Mexican, Italian, Indonesian, Asian and more. Jewish cuisine is broken up into Ashkenazic and Sephardic.

Super Sandwiches


Sometimes, nothing satisfies like a great sandwich. From riffs on iconic Jewish sammies like bagels and lox, to creative cheese toasts, these portable meals make for happy eating. 

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