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Challah Recipes

Challah Recipes

How to Braid Challah: Basic 3-Strand Challah
A step-by-step guide with photos demonstrating how to braid a 3-strand challah bread.

Orange Vanilla Bean Challah
A recipe for kosher, dairy-free challah flavored with vanilla bean and orange.

Orange Vanilla Bean Challah
A recipe for kosher, dairy-free challah flavored with vanilla bean and orange.

Bread Machine Challah (Pareve)
A bread machine enables you to simply, easily and quickly enhance the Sabbath menu with fresh, home-baked challah loaves.

Half Whole Wheat Challah Recipe (Parve)
This kosher recipe for Half Whole Wheat Challah comes from the cookbook of Tamar Ansh, A Taste of Challah - A Comprehensive Guide to Challah and Bread Making. Thus, it is fool-proof as well as delicious and healthy.

Robin's Bread Machine Challah (Parve)
There isn't anything like the smell of homemade challah when it comes to getting in the Jewish Holiday or Sabbath mood. Fortunately, Robin Zusmann of Atlanta, Georgia has contributed her favorite bread machine challah recipe.

Zaatar Olive Whole Wheat Challah
Miri Rotkovitz, About.com Guide to Herbs & Spices, offers this unique recipe for savory and nutritious challah enhanced with zaatar and green olives.

About.com Video: How to Make Kosher Challah
Rachel Edelman demonstrates in this video how to made and braid kosher challah loaves. Watch how to make challah bread from scratch.

Aish.com: Challah Recipes
Challah, often referred to as "egg bread" since it generally contains a large amount of eggs, is traditionally eaten by Jews on the Sabbath and all Jewish holidays (except Passover). This site provides a few different challah recipes - Always Successful Challah, Honey-Sweetened Challah, Eggless Challah, and Whole-Wheat Challah.

Jewish Food Mailing List: Challot
The Jewish Food Mailing List has compiled Jewish food recipes from its active subscribers. The mailing list defines Jewish food as any food that is able to be prepared according to kashruth (Biblical dietary laws).

Jewish-food.org: Challah Recipes
Jewish-food.org offers a wide selection of challah recipes that have been posted by challah bakers from around the world.

Recipe-zaar: Best Bread Machine Challah
This recipe originally comes from Kosher by Design by Susie Fishbein, the author of my favorite kosher cookbooks.

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