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Guide to Kosher Certification Labels

The "kosherness" of a food is indicated by a symbol printed on the food package. Each symbol represents a particular agency's certification that the food has been processed in accordance with the Jewish Dietary Laws. Learn how to read kosher certification labels.

Kosher Symbols 101
A breakdown of the various types of kosher certification agencies and symbols in the US and around the world.

The "Big 4" Kosher Supervision Agencies
Information about the OU, America's largest and most recognizable kosher supervision agency, with contact information and a photo of its kosher logo.

Regional American Kosher Certifiers
A guide to top regional kosher certifiers in the United States, with hechsher (kosher symbol) photos, and background, client, and contact information.

Guide to Popular Kosher Food Labels in America
Use this Guide to Popular Kosher Food Labels in America to understand the kosher certification symbols printed on the packages of prepared kosher food items.

Jewish Celebrations: Kosher Symbols
Jewish Celebrations offers this partial list of the Kashrut Supervising Authorities around the globe.

Kosher Quest: Kosher Symbols
KosherQuest is the Web site of the Kosher Information Bureau. Kosherquest is headed by Rabbi Eliezer Eidlitz, the founder of the Kosher Information Bureau in 1976. The site provides an extensive list, with images and contact information, of reliable kosher symbols from around the world.

Kashrut.com: List of Kosher Agencies
This list provides images of the food labels of and contact information for kosher certifying agencies from around the world.

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