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Guide to Popular Kosher Symbols


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OK Kosher Certification Symbol

OK Kosher Certification Symbol

The OK Kosher Certification (the OK), which was founded in 1935 under the leadership of kosher food pioneer Rabbi Berel Levy, has become one of the world’s most respected symbols of kosher approval.

Today Rabbi Don Yoel Levy successfully guides the OK’s development in an era of technological advances and soaring demand for kosher food worldwide. The OK has become a leader in cutting edge kosher technology, and it has expanded its operations to six continents.

The OK provides certification for food giants and products such as IFF, Kraft, ConAgra and Tropicana. Supported by more than 350 kosher experts, the OK certifies more than 300,000 products, produced by over 1,500 companies.

NY Headquarters
391 Troy Avenue - Brooklyn, New York 11213
Phone: (718) 756-7500 Fax. (718) 756-7503
Site: www.ok.org
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