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Hamantashen are triangular, filled pastries traditionally served on the Jewish festival of Purim. Enjoy this varied collection of tried-and-tested hamantashen recipes.

Hamantaschen with Chocolate Dough (Dairy)
A recipe for Hamantaschen with Chocolate Dough and assorted fillings.

Rose Water Pistachio Hamantaschen (Dairy)
A recipe for Persian cuisine-inspired hamantaschen made with rosewater dough and pistachio marzipan filling.

Hazelnut Hamantaschen(Pareve or Dairy)
A recipe for kosher pareve hazelnut hamantaschen dough with assorted fillings

What is Hamantashen?
What is hamantashen? What does the word "hamantashen" mean? Why do Jews eat hamantashen on Purim?

Why do Jews eat hamantashen pastries on Purim?
Why do Jews eat hamantashen pastries on Purim?

Chocolate-Filled Hamantashen (Dairy)
My sister-in-law and her sister-in-law tweaked this hamantashen recipe until it turned out just as they and their kids like best. Enjoy hamantashen filled with cream cheese and cocoa powder.

Delicious Dairy Hamantashen (Dairy)
In my opinion, this is the best dairy hamantashen dough I've ever tried. The butter and cream cheese make the dough soft and delicious. My kids like these filled with Israeli chocolate spread. I like them filled with strawberry preserves. Happy Purim!

Easy-to-Make Hamentaschen (Pareve)
This Purim Hamentaschen is easy-to-make and, according to the clients of "Catering by Paula Weinstein", delicious.

Gluten-Free Hamantashen
Thanks to Nancy Lapid, About.com's Guide to Celiac Disease, people with Celiac Disease can also enjoy Hamantashen on Purim. Try Nancy's recipe for Gluten-Free Hamantashen.

Hamentachen with Homemade Chocolate Filling (Dairy)
My kids like chocolate-filled Hamentachen best. Robin Zusmann of Atlanta, Georgia contributed this Hamentachen recipe which includes homemade chocolate fillings for the traditional Purim pastry.

Tamar's Grandmother's Hamantashen (Pareve)
This recipe for Purim Hamantashen comes from the recipe box of Tamar Weber's grandmother. If it lasted three generations and made the trip from America to Israel, then it must be good!

Kids Can Make Hamantashen (Parve)
The orange juice in this recipe make the dough soft. It also gives the hamantashen a nice touch of citris flavor.

Aish.com: Five Great Hamantashen Recipes
Aish.com offers Hamentashen with Yeast Dough, Hamentashen with Chocolate Cookie Dough, Hamentashen with Tofutti Cream Cheese, Healthier Hamentashen, and of course Traditional Hamentashen.

Norene Gilletz: Various Hamentashen Recipes
Norene Gilletz, the leading author of Kosher cookbooks in Canada, provides recipes for parve and dairy Hamentashen dough as well as for three kinds of fillings - honey nut, prune and poppy seed.

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