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Hanukkah Dairy Menu and Recipes


Latkes - Livivot - Potato Pancakes

Latkes - Livivot - Potato Pancakes

Giora Shimoni
Many families like to eat a dairy meal on Hanukkah in commemoration of the Jewish heroine Judith (Yehudit).

Judith was a Jewish widow who, according to legend, seduced and killed the Assyrian commander, Holifernes, just as the Assyrian forces were about to conquer the Jews. Judith gave the general salty cheese to make him thirsty, and then she got him drunk. When he fell asleep, Judith took his sword and decapitated him. When the Assyrian soldiers saw their general was decapitated, they fled and the Jews were saved.

In memory of Judith's heroic act, enjoy this dairy Hanukkah menu:

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