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Hanukkah Menus

During the Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah, many families invite relatives and friends over to light the menorah, sing songs, play dreidel, exchange gifts and enjoy traditional Hanukkah food. These traditional and contemporary Hanukkah menu ideas can help you plan a wonderful holiday celebration.

Hanukkah Menu and Recipes
Read a succinct explanation of the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. Get a traditional Hanukkah menu and recipes.

Hanukkah Dairy Menu and Recipes
One Hanukkah food tradition is eating dairy products, especially cheese, in commemoration of the Jewish heroine Judith (Yehudit). Find a traditional dairy Hanukkah menu and recipes.

Hanukkah Meat Menu and Recipes
After lighting the Hanukkah Menorah together, Jewish families and their guests may eat traditional Hanukkah food, play the Dreidel game, and exchange gifts. This Hanukkah meat menu includes brisket or chicken, parve side dishes and traditional Hanukkah treats.

Healthy Hanukkah Menu and Recipes
Nechama Cohen, Founder and Executive Director of the Jewish Diabetes Association (JDA) and author of EnLITEned Kosher Cooking, shares her healthy low-carb and low-fat recipes for Hanukkah.

About Busy Cooks: Hanukkah Menu with Brisket
About.com's Guide to Busy Cooks provides recipes that are not too labor intensive and still result in a festive holiday meal that includes Crockpot Beef Brisket, Potato Latkes, Salad, Crockpot Applesauce, Jelly Doughnuts and Almond Sponge Cake with Raspberry Sauce.

About Busy Cooks: Hanukkah Menu with Roast Chicken
About.com's Guide to Busy Cooks provides recipes that are not too labor intensive and still result in a festive holiday meal that includes Roasted Red Pepper Spread, Roast Chicken, Potato Latkes, Applesauce, Roasted Green Beans, Fruited Spinach Salad, Sweet Crisps and Honey Cake.

Gil Marks: The New Hanukkah Table
Gil Marks shares savory vegetarian dishes from around the world for Hanukkah. Recipes include Central European Cheese Dumplings, Sephardic Spinach Patties and Syrian Pumpkin Patties.

Ken Rubin: Hanukkah Menu
Ken Rubin's Hanukkah menu includes a light entrée (Salmon with Thyme and Caramelized Shallots) and a vegetable side dish (Oven-Roasted Eggplant with Peppers, Pine Nuts and Feta) to balance the fried potato latkes and spiced doughnuts.

Leslie Revsin: Hanukkah Menu
Leslie Revsin, a New York chef and food writer, was the first female chef at the Waldorf-Astoria. Chef Revsin enjoys injecting new twists into familiar foods. Her Hanukkah menu includes Cod Fritters, Braised Lamb Shoulder with Figs, Potato-Apple Kugel, Roasted Green Beans and Carrots with Red Onion, and Orange Cake with Apricot Glaze.

Southern Living: Hanukkah Menu
Want your Hanukkah table to have a southern twist? Try this menu from Southern Living. The recipes are Potato Blini with Sour Cream and Caviar, Hanukkah Doughnuts with Strawberry Preserves, Caramelized Maple-and-Garlic-Glazed Salmon, Asparagus Sauté, and Sweet Potato Latkes.

Suzanne Tracht: Festive Hanukkah Menu
Chef Suzanne Tracht's provides a menu for a festival Hanukkah dinner. Her menu includes Butter Lettuce and Radish Salad with Lemon-Garlic Vinaigrette, Pot Roast with Caramelized Onions and Roasted Carrots, Potato-Parsnip Latkes with Savory Applesauce, Long-Cooked Green Beans, Orange-Vanilla Sundaes with Dates and Orange Muscat.

VegParadise.com: Vegan Hanukkah Menu
Looking for a Vegan Hanukkah Menu? Here you go! VegParadise.com offers Mock Chopped Liver, Sweet and Sour Cabbage Borscht, Horseradish Coleslaw, Carrot and Sweet Potato Tzimmes, Steamed Broccoli and Cauliflower, Potato Latkes with Tofu Sour Cream and Applesauce, Festive Fruit Relish, and Cranberry Apple Cinnamon Strudel.

Joyce Goldstein: Hanukkah Menu
This menu includes recipes from Williams Sonoma's Complete Entertaining Cookbook, by Joyce Goldstein. The dishes are traditional Eastern European-style: Beet, Cabbage & Mushroom Borscht, Spiced Beef Brisket, Carrot Tsimmes, Potato Latkes, Chunky Applesauce, Pecan Torte, and Tangerine Sorbet.

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