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Purim - Holiday Food and Fun


Hamantashen with Raashan

Hamantashen with Raashan

Giora Shimoni

About Purim:

On Purim Jews celebrate how Queen Esther saved the Jews of Persia from annihilation. Celebrated with costumes (tachbosot), noisemakers (raashanim), food baskets (mishloach manot), hamantashen cookies (oznay haman), a festive meal (seudat purim), and carnivals, Purim is a favorite Jewish holiday for children and adults.

Purim Feast Menu:

It is traditional to have a feast (seudah) on Purim day. And it is customary to serve food at the Purim meal that has symbolic meaning that links to the Purim story. Find a traditional Purim menu and recipes.

Purim Food Traditions:

Why do Jews eat hamantashen pastries on Purim? Why is it customary to eat filled foods, like kreplach, on Purim? Why are there poppy seeds in many traditional Purim dishes? Why do some people eat a vegetarian meal for Seudat Purim? Learn about the symbolism of different Purim food.

Purim Food Baskets:

It is a commandment (mitzvah) on Purim to send baskets of food to help others celebrate the holiday. Shlach Manos in Yiddish, or Mishloach Manot in Hebrew, means "sending portions." Enjoy these ideas for Purim food baskets and recipes for baked goods to put into the baskets.

Hamantashen Recipes:

Hamantashen is a triangular, filled pastry which is traditionally served on the Jewish festival of Purim. Enjoy this varied collection of tried-and-tested hamantashen recipes.

Kreplach Recipes:

Kreplach are small pasta dough triangles filled with ground meat or mashed potatoes. Similar to dumplings, they are sometimes called Jewish ravioli or Jewish wonton. Sometimes kreplach is boiled and served in soup. Other times kreplach is fried and served as a side dish. It is customary to eat kreplach on Purim. Find kreplach recipes.

More Purim Recipes:

The festival of Purim celebrates Jewish survival. Find Purim recipes to prepare and serve on this joyous holiday.

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