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Kosher Basics

Given clear explanations, "kosher" is easy to understand.
  1. Glossary of Jewish Foods (6)
  2. Glossary of Kosher Terms (32)
  3. Guide to Kosher Food Labels (8)
  4. Kosher FAQ (10)
  5. What is Glatt Kosher? (3)
  6. What is Kosher Food? (28)
  7. How to Buy Kosher (2)
  8. How to Cook Kosher (9)
  9. Vegetarian (7)
  10. International Kosher Cuisine (0)
  11. Quick Kosher Entrees (11)

Top Kosher Cookbooks

Top Ten Israeli Food Blogs
See what Israelis are cooking today, and get delicious recipes from Israel. These top quality Israeli Food blogs are in Hebrew.

Top 10 Tips for Creative Kosher Cooking
Get tips for making kosher cooking creative, fun, fresh, and delicious.

Kosher Recipe Index
All the kosher recipes in the About.com Kosher Food site are organized by course. Find kosher recipes appetizers, breads, soups, salads, main courses, side dishes, and desserts. Main course recipes are further categorized by dairy, fish, meat and vegetarian.

What are Jewish Dietary Laws?
What are Jewish Dietary Laws?

What is Kosher?
Does a rabbi's blessing make food kosher? What is meant by a kosher kitchen? Why do some kosher products have K symbols and others have OU symbols printed on their packages? Why won't my Jewish daughter-in-law eat the kosher style hotdogs I bought? This page will help you better understand the term "kosher."

What is Glatt Kosher?
Why do people use the term glatt kosher to mean super kosher? What is the real definition of glatt kosher?

What is Treif?
The term treif is used today to refer to everything non-kosher. What is the real definition of the word treif?

What is Hechsher Tzedek (Justice Certification)?
Justice Certification, or Hechsher Tzedek, ensures kosher food was produced at a plant that meets Jewish ethical standards: fair wages and benefits, health and safety, , corporate transparency, animal welfare and environmental impact.

What is Eco-Kosher?
Eco-kosher connects ecology, new concerns about industrial agriculture, global warming and fair treatment of workers, with kosher, ancient Jewish dietary laws about food production, preparation and eating (such as ritual slaughter, separation of meat and milk, and tithing of fruit).

10 Most Interesting Kosher Stats of 2006
Kosher food products are increasingly popular. The kosher food industry is growing at an astounding rate. These statistics about kosher consumers provide a view of the kosher market in today.

Chabad.org: Kosher Guide
Chabad's 15-step Kosher Guide provides a general overview of kosher laws.

Epinions.com: Keeping It Kosher - The Basics
I like the way this article explains the basics of kosher by breaking the subject up into Food Selection and Food Preparation.

Kosher Family Dinners
Family dinners are opportunities to be together, to listen to your children's experiences and feelings, and to share your thoughts with them. Studies show that kids who eat dinner with their families eat more nutritiously, feel less stressed, and perform better. These kosher family dinners are designed to help you give your children the nourishment, comfort and support they need and deserve.

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