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Israeli Breakfast


Israeli Breakfast

Israeli Breakfast

Giora Shimoni

Israeli Breakfast:

To avoid the hot sun, Israel’s pioneer farmers would work in the early morning. After the day heated up and their appetites were large, they would break for a hearty meal of bread, olives, cheese, and vegetables. While few Israelis today take the time to eat this full morning meal, Israeli hotels generally serve a large, varied and satiating “Israeli breakfast” to tourists.


Hummus, a Mediterranean dip made of pureed chick peas, tastes best when eaten with fresh pita bread.


Tehina, a thick dip with sesame seeds as its base, was brought to Israel by Jewish refugees from the Arab countries.


Labaneh, a homemade yogurt cheese, is just as popular a spread as hummus and tehina in Israel.

Baba Ghanouj:

Baba Ghanouj is a dip made of roasted, pureed eggplant.


Shakshouka, from the Hebrew word leshakshek meaning "to shake", is a popular, spiced, egg and tomato dish.

Israeli Salad:

Vegetable Salad is enjoyed by Israelis three times a day - at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Mixed Cheese Salad:

This Mixed Cheese Salad combines cottage and feta with cucumbers, peppers and onions.


Rugelach, which means "little horns", are small pastries made from rich cream cheese dough and filled with jam, chocolate, honey, or nuts.

Turkish Coffee:

Turkish Coffee is surprisingly easy to make and an essential part of the Israeli breakfast menu.

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