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Kosher Thanksgiving: Menu & Recipes


Kosher Thanksgiving Turkey

Kosher Thanksgiving Turkey

Giora Shimoni
Why does my Israeli family celebrate Thanksgiving each year in Israel? Thanksgiving is a charming American tradition that my American born-and-raised wife wants to maintain and share with the children. Even though we live in Israel, we enjoy American citizenship and feel gratitude towards the United States. And I love the menu!

When we celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday night, we found it hard to cook again on Friday for Shabbat. So we took the liberty of moving our Thanksgiving celebration to Friday night. With the time difference, Friday in Israel isn't all that far from Thursday in America anyway.

We invite American friends who also have fond memories of the holiday. And we invite Israeli friends who find the idea of eating a whole turkey to be remarkable and entertaining.

We have to make many of our Thanksgiving treats from scratch. Stuffing mix doesn't exist in Israel. But I did find cans of pumpkin this year, so I won't need to boil and mash fresh pumpkin.

Whenever and however you plan to celebrate, I hope these kosher Thanksgiving recipes will be helpful to you.I wish you a delightful and delicious Thanksgiving celebration!

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