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Kreplach are small pasta dough triangles filled with ground meat or mashed potatoes. Similar to dumplings, they are sometimes called Jewish ravioli or Jewish wonton. Sometimes kreplach is boiled and served in soup. Other times kreplach is fried and served as a side dish. It is customary to eat kreplach before the Yom Kippur fast, on the last day of Sukkot, and on Purim.

Chicken and Scallion Wontons with Soy Dipping Sauce (Meat)
A recipe for kosher Chicken and Scallion Wontons with Soy Dipping Sauce from The Kosher Carnivore, by June Hersh.

Why do Jews eat kreplach on Purim?
Why do Jews eat kreplach on Purim?

Chabad.org: Kreplach
Chabad provides a simple kreplach recipe. If you are making kreplach for the first time, this is a good recipe to try.

Cherry Kreplach Recipe
This is the first recipe I've ever seen for cherry-filled kreplach. What an interesting way to mix old and new at your next holiday meal.

Easy Kreplach with Wonton Skins
Kreplach is much easier to make if you start out with commercial wonton skins for wrappers.

Epicurious.com: Kreplach
This recipe is reprinted from The Second Avenue Deli Cookbook, by Sharon Lebewohl and Rena Bulkin. Ingredients for three different fillings - meat, potato or cheese - are provided.

JewishRecipes.org: Kreplach Recipes
JewishRecipes.org provides a recipe for kreplach and for fancy kreplach.

Make-Ahead Beef Kreplach
The instructions in this recipe include freezing the kreplach after they are stuffed. Then just boil them in salted water for 20-25 minutes right before you want to serve them. Given kreplach are labor intensive and are traditionally served for certain holiday meals, making them in advance and freezing them is a great idea.

Matthew Goodman's Sweet Potato-Stuffed Kreplach
This is a great way to innovate with an old recipe. Fill your kreplach with sweet potatoes.

MyJewishLearning.com: Kreplach Recipe
Joan Nathan provides this recipe for "meat dumplings." This kreplach recipe was reprinted by MyJewishLearning.com with permission from The Jewish Holiday Kitchen (Schocken Books).

RecipeZaar.com: Kreplach Recipes
RecipeZaar.com offers a variety of kreplach recipes, which vary both in the dough and in the filling.

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