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Passover Salads - Cold Salads for Passover Seder Menu

What better way to celebrate Passover than with fresh salads that feature the best of the spring harvest? These chametz-free salad recipes make wonderful additions to your seder menus and holiday meals.

2-Minute Cole Slaw (Pareve)
I like to be able to quickly make a variety of salads, especially in the summer. They add a colorful, healthy and light touch to everyday and Sabbath meals. Simply buy a package of ready-cut vegies, combine a few ingredients for the dressing, and stir. In addition to being a quick-fix, I like this 2-Minute Cole Slaw recipe because it is not too heavy and saucy.

Charred Pepper Salad (Parve)
This Charred Pepper Salad can be served hot or cold. It’s a great Shabbat salad as you can serve it warm on Friday night and then cold for lunch the next day – though if you want enough for both meals I suggest doubling the recipe. The longer it sits in the marinade the tastier it gets!

Classic Israeli Salad (Pareve)
Israeli salad, finely diced tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers topped with olive oil, lemon juice and spices, is light, healthy and fresh tasting.

Kids' Favorite Cucumber Salad (Parve)
This is the only salad my kids request. Simply wash cucumbers, slice (for thin, even slices a food processor is recommended), add spices, and refrigerate. Your family will enjoy, especially during the hot summer months, this sweet cucumber salad all week long.

Kohlrabi Salad (parve)
Next time you feel like some fresh, raw vegetables, try this Kohlrabi Salad. Kohlrabi tastes a bit like a mild, sweet broccoli stem. Just slice it up, add fresh lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Delicious, healthy and easy.

Pickled Lettuce Salad (Parve)
My Hungarian father makes this special Sweet and Sour Lettuce Salad, and my pickle-loving daughter gobbles it up. It is gentler than sauerkraut, but also dresses up meat sandwiches or makes a flavorful side dish.

Sara Adar's Pepper, Cheese and Sugared Pecan Salad (Dairy)
Sara Adar's Pepper, Cheese and Sugared Pecan Salad was chosen by Israel's Tnuva Dairy company for inclusion in their special Shavuot recipe magazine. This winning recipe has been translated from Hebrew and posted here so you can enjoy it too.

Sugared Almond Salad (Parve)
Paula Weinstein and Julie Remer's Kosher Sugared Almond Salad is the all-time favorite salad of my family and friends. Whenever we are invited to a potluck, I am asked to bring this salad. For a Sabbath or holiday meal, this can be served as an appetizer. This sweet combination of lettuce, fruit and nuts simply can't be topped.

Susie Fishbein's Purple Cabbage Salad (Parve)
Susie Fishbein includes this recipe for Purple Cabbage Salad in her Passover by Design cookbook. This colorful salad, contributed by her friend Beth Eidman, can be prepared early in the day of the Passover Seder and then served as a Pesach salad or side dish.

Chabad.org: Beet Salad
Nechama Cohen's family enjoys this low carb, fat free beet salad on the afternoon proceeding the Passover Seder.

Chabad.org: Orange-Kiwi Salad
Nechama Cohen's Orange-Kiwi salad is beautiful, healthy and delicious.

Cooking Light: Fresh Tomato-and-Pepper Salad
Red tomatoes, yellow and green bell peppers, and diced onion make this salad as colorful as it is tasty. This salad will add an aesthetic and light touch to your Passover Seder table.

RFCJ Archives: Spa Slaw w/Lemon & Orange Dressing
Chef Joachim Splichal, of the Patina restaurant in Los Angeles, created this for the Canyon Ranch spa in Tucson, Arizona. It was published in the New York Times Passover Cookbook and then in the RFCJ online recipe archive.

Moroccan Sweet Beet Salad (Parve)
I'm on the look out for various salads we can enjoy during Passover in my effort to make this holiday a lite Passover. This is Moroccan Sweet Beet Salad is a wonderful salad to put on the Seder table and have in the fridge throughout the Passover holiday. After cooking the beets in water, simply slice and spice. Simple, colorful, healthy and...

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