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Passover Seder Guide

Menus, Recipes, Information


Each Passover, Jews worldwide take part in a special feast called the Passover Seder. The Passover Seder is the most widely observed Jewish practice today. Find Passover menus and recipes, as well as guides on cooking for Pesach Seder, setting the Passover Seder table, and preparing the Seder Plate.

1. How To Set the Passover Seder Table

Passover Seder Table with Kiddish Cup
Giora Shimoni
The Passover Seder is more than a festive meal. It is a journey back in history, a reaffirmation of Jewish identity, and a passing of Jewish traditions on to the next generation. Participants will spend many hours at the table, retelling the story of the Exodus, following a prescribed set of prayers, and eating symbolic foods. Creative thought and positive energy should be invested when setting the table for such a special occasion.

2. How To Prepare Passover Seder Plate

Passover Seder Plate
Giora Shimoni
The Passover Seder is not a Passover Seder without a Seder Plate in the center of the table. Learn how to prepare the Passover Seder plate.

3. Passover Seder Menus

Passover Seder Table with Candles
Giora Shimoni
Find a variety of menus for the Passover Seder meal. The ideal Seder menu includes delicious food that is not too hard or tiring to prepare. These Passover Seder menus are designed to help you plan your holiday meal. Find traditional, festive, gluten-free and more.

4. Charoset

Israeli Charoset with Mixed Nuts
Giora Shimoni
From my earliest memories, charoset was my favorite Pesach Seder dish. Charoset might look like the mortar the Israelite slaves used in their building, but it tastes like heaven. Enjoy these various recipes for Passover charoset.

5. Passover Recipe Index

Meringue Cups with Strawberries and Chocolate Sauce for Passover Seder Dessert
Giora Shimoni
Jewish cooks worldwide and over the centuries have sought ways to create food for Passover that is tasty despite the extra kosher restrictions placed on food during this weeklong holiday. These kosher-for-Passover recipes are the fruits of their labor.

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