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Pre-Fast Meal - Kosher Meat Menu and Recipes

If you prefer to eat a meat meal before the Yom Kippur fast, this menu includes kosher recipes for low-salt soup, chicken, side dishes and dessert.

Yom Kippur - Pre-Fast Meal of Cessation
Jews traditionally eat a Meal of Cessation - called Seudat Mafseket - before the Yom Kippur fast. My family eats a meat meal for lunch, and then we eat a hi-carb dairy dinner directly before the fast. The meat menu includes low-salt vegetable soup, breaded chicken, potatoes and dessert. The dairy menu includes egg souffle, whole wheat bagels with various spreads and fruit salad.

Hungarian Vegetable Soup
This hearty vegetable soup contains beans, peas, potatoes, carrots, and parsnips. Hungarian paprika adds ethnic flavor.

Breaded Baked Chicken (Meat)
This recipe for Breaded Baked Chicken is quick, easy, loved by all and even good the next day. What else could anyone ask of a recipe? This is a great Sabbath lunch entree.

Cooked Corn on the Cob (Parve)
I love corn, and I know I'm not alone. Corn tastes great, adds color to meals, and is easy to make. Corn is also healthy, as one medium sized ear of corn contains 75 calories, 1 gram of fat, protein, potassium and dietary fiber. Fresh sweet corn enhances both dairy and meat kosher meals in the summer.

Summer Fruit Soup (Parve)
Fruit Soup - easy to make and refreshing to eat - is the perfect summer dessert. This recipe is economical, as it uses in-season produce. It is healthy, as it contains no fat and can be made without sugar. And it is parve, which means it can be served after any kosher meal (meat or dairy).

Oven-Baked Potatoes (Parve)
I originally tried this recipe, which comes from Miriam Zakon's The Kids Kosher Cookbook: Do-It-Yourself Recipes Your Kids Will Love to Cook, because it was a simple, kosher, Sabbath recipe that I could make with my children. But now I regularly use this recipe because my family loves the taste of these moist, flavorful Oven-Baked Potatoes.

Traditional Mandel Bread (Pareve)
Mandelbrot, which literally means almond (mandel) bread (brot), is a twice-baked hard bread similar to Italian biscotti. For classic, rich-tasting mandel bread, follow these directions, provided by Paula Levine Weinstein and Julie Komerofsky Remer, EXACTLY as they are written.

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