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Combining Judaism's Dietary Laws and Sabbath Laws leads to unique recipes, menus and methods of cooking. Find Shabbat and holiday menus and recipes.
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Vegetable and Chickpea Tagine with Couscous (Pareve)

Low Cost Shabbat Meals
Our teenage children like to invite their teenage friends to join us for Shabbat meals. How can we meet the huge appetites of growing teens while staying within our budget? These economical Sabbath menus are designed to satiate big appetites and serve a large crowd while keeping costs low.

Fall Shabbat Meals
November is a wonderful month for inviting guests to Friday night Shabbat dinners as it gets dark early. If you invite for 6 PM, then there is plenty of time to enjoy the food and company before the kids get tired. These November Sabbath dinner and lunch menus are designed to help you share festive meals and quality time with your family and friends.

Summer Shabbos Lunch Menu and Recipes
Shabbos is long during the summer months, so inviting guests for Shabbat lunch is a nice way to spend the day. Given the hot weather, the dishes should be lite. Given that your guests are likely to have different dietary constraints and tastes, you'll want to serve a variety of dishes. And since you don't want to spend too many hours in the...

Cholent Kugel (Parve)
This cholent kugel looks and tastes like kishke, but it consists of flour, oil, onions and spices. Simply mix the ingredients, form a loaf, and place on top of the hot cholent. This kugel will absorb the taste of the cholent, and the kids will ask for seconds.

Menus for Jewish Sabbath Meals
These various kosher menus for Jewish Sabbath meals aim to help make your Shabbat a wonderful experience for you, your family and your guests. Find menus and recipes for low carb and nutritious, quick and easy, winter, summer, spring and fall Sabbath meals.

Sabbath Menus and Recipes for Busy Cooks
Does your busy lifestyle make it difficult to find the hours needed to prepare delicious home-cooked meals for the Sabbath? I think many people feel especially rushed with their Shabbat cooking during the winter when Shabbat starts early. These Shabbat Menus and Recipes aim at helping busy cooks prepare quick, festive Shabbat meals for their families.

Low Carb Sabbath Menus and Recipes
Between the challah, matza balls, kugels and cake, one can easily consume too many carbohydrates on the Sabbath. To lower your family's carb intake this Shabbat, try these low carb Shabbat Menus and Recipes.

About Jewish Sabbath Dinners
Friday night dinner is the time when my family transitions from our busy and often stressful daily life to a more spiritual time. We set the Sabbath table with a white tablecloth and our best dishes. Candles, wine and challah loaves add a festive feel to the table. Enjoy this traditional menu and recipes for a Friday night Sabbath dinner.

Top 5 Appetizers for Sabbath Meals
A festive appetizer helps to differentiate a Sabbath meal from a weekday family meal. Each of these kosher hors d'oeuvres is parve so it can be served with a meat or dairy meal. Enjoy these favorite Jewish holiday and Shabbat first courses.

Top Shabbat Chicken Recipes
Chicken is the most popular Shabbat entree. It is so versatile. Chicken is delicious whether roasted, fried, cooked, breaded, marinated, or stuffed. As such, I favor the easy-to-make chicken recipes. The following are my favorite chicken recipes for Jewish Sabbath meals.

December Sabbath Menus and Recipes
The cold hits in December, but winter still feels fresh and fun at this early date. We like to celebrate Shabbat in December with creamy vegetable soup, savory roast chicken, side dishes that make the most of winter vegetables, and rich chocolate desserts.

October Sabbath Menus and Recipes
October is the official "After the Holidays" month. And after three weeks of holiday meals (from Rosh Hashanah through Simchat Torah), I prefer to spend time in the gym than the kitchen. So this October Shabbat menu includes quick and easy recipes for Sabbath meals.

August Sabbath Menus and Recipes
Let's be honest - cooking in August feels something like swimming in January. The apron and the bathing suit feel out of season. But if you have guests coming for a Sabbath meal this summer, you will probably want to serve a festive, home-cooked meal despite the heat. These August Shabbat menus for Friday night dinner and Saturday lunch include quick recipes for lite dishes.

Summer Sabbath Menus and Recipes
Those long, hot, summer Sabbath days are just around the corner. Days for relaxing with family and friends, reading, resting and recharging our batteries for the work week ahead. These days call for lite - but still festive - lunch menus. This summer Shabbat menu includes a variety of salads and grilled meat.

Jewish Food Mailing List: Shabbat
The Jewish Food Mailing List has compiled Jewish food recipes from its active subscribers. The mailing list defines Jewish food as any food that is able to be prepared according to kashruth (Biblical dietary laws).

Aish.com: Shabbat in One Hour Recipes
Lori Palatnik provides the menu, recipes and tips for how to "whip up a yummy, nutritious Shabbat in no time flat."

Seudah Shelishit Recipes
Seudah Shelishit, which means the third meal, refers to a more informal meal enjoyed towards the end of Shabbat. Seudah Shlishit is a great opportunity to invite friends over late Saturday afternoon. Especially during the summer months, when Shabbas ends late, we enjoy sitting outside and eating salads, dairy dishes and desserts with friends. But it is important that Seudah Shelishit recipes are …

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