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Sukkot Appetizers

Sukkot is Judaism's Feast of Tabernacles. Special Sukkot food customs have developed over the centuries. Enjoy these kosher recipes for various Sukkot appetizers.

Pomegranate Apple Salad (Parve)
For lunch on the second day of Rosh Hashanah, after everyone feels a bit heavy from too many holiday meals, I like to serve this fresh and light Pomegranate Apple Salad. It complements the spirit of the holiday by using the two fruits upon which blessings have been made.

Classic Gefilte Fish (Pareve)
At the time of the Mishna (200 CE), rabbis deemed it meritorious to eat fish on the Sabbath. Due to the plethora of rivers in Europe, Ashkenazi Jews tended to cook with freshwater fish. Eastern European Jews would make a mixture of chopped fish, stuff it back into the skin of the fish, and boil it. The word gefilte means stuffed in Yiddish.

Jewish Holiday Chicken Noodle Soup (Meat)
Life is full of coincidences. I had been thinking that I need to find a more interesting way to make my Shabbos Chicken Soup because, even though my kids never get tired of it, my wife and I feel we need a change every so often. Then on Israeli television someone mentioned adding beef spare ribs to our traditional Jewish chicken soup, and it was...

Chicken Turkey Soup (Meat)
My kids never get tired of this Chicken Turkey Soup. They especially like it served with matzo balls. I add turkey to the soup in order to raise the soup's iron content, but the turkey also gives the soup a richer flavor.

Marak Kubah - Kuba Soup (Meat)
Kubah is a small pocket of dough that is stuffed with ground beef and pine nuts. Kubah for soup is usually boiled, whereas Kubah served on a platter is fried. Grocery stores in Israel and increasingly in the United States offer frozen packages of Kubah that are ready to drop into a vegetable soup. Enjoy this traditional recipe for kosher Kubah Soup.

Miki's Red Pepper Soup (Parve)
This vibrant, colorful Red Pepper Soup, thickened with potato and sweetened with pears, tastes as good as it looks. This recipe was contributed by Word of Mouth, a Cleveland-based kosher catering company.

Pureed Butternut Squash Soup (Parve)
Word of Mouth, a Cleveland-based kosher catering company, contributed this recipe for Pureed Butternut Squash Soup.

Simple Pumpkin Soup (Parve)
My eight-year-old son brought this recipe home from school one day. I don’t know its source. We tried it together and were amazed at how easy it was to make and how delicious it tasted.

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