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Passover Seder
Each Passover, the story of the Israelites' Exodus from Egypt is told at a special feast called the Passover Seder. Seder is the Hebrew word for order. This festive meal is conducted in an orderly way so that all the mitzvot (God's commandments) of Passover will be performed during the meal. Find a traditional menu and recipes for the Passover Seder.
Kid-Friendly Breaded Baked Boneless Chicken...
For families with hungry, growing children, these Breaded Baked Boneless Chicken Breasts are the answer to your prayers. Quickly bread and bake them in a large batch. Then store them in the refrigerator or freezer for the kids to warm in the micro or pack in their lunch bags. Referred to as not fried schnitzel in Israel and baked chicken nuggets in the States, these are an economical, healthier and tastier main dish for your kids than frozen fried chicken, hot dogs or processed sandwich meat.
Cindy's Ashkenazi Charoset (Parve, Passover)
Cindy's Ashkenazi Charoset for Passover Seder is made of apples, nuts, wine, sugar and cinnamon. Simply chop and mix to create this sure-fire Pesach crowd pleaser!
Simple Matzo Brei (Parve, Passover)
Matzo brei means fried matzo in Yiddish. During the week of Passover, matzo brei makes a popular breakfast, lunch and dinner dish. While there are fancier matzo brei recipes with vegetables and spices, my kids prefer to make and eat this simple matzo brei recipe.
How To Prepare a Passover Seder Plate
Learn how to prepare the Passover Seder plate. These step-by-step instructions on how to make Pesach Seder plates are designed to help you prepare for this special Jewish holiday meal celebrating the Exodus from Egypt.
Basic Potato Kugel (Parve)
Potato Kugel, moist on the inside and crispy on the outside, is a staple of Eastern European Jewish cooking. While there are many variations of potato kugel, this Basic Potato Kugel recipe is still my favorite.
All About Charoset
The Passover Seder dish known as charoset, haroset or charoses, reminds Jews of the mortar used by the Israelite slaves in their building in Egypt. There are a great variety of recipes for this tasty fruit mixture.
Sweet Brisket (Meat, Passover)
Brisket, when correctly cooked and cut, is festive, fragrant, flavorful, and fork-tender. This simple brisket recipe produces moist, sweet meat. Enjoy this popular cut of breast meat for Passover Seder, Rosh Hashanah, or any Jewish holiday or Sabbath meal.
Brisket Recipes
In traditional Jewish cooking, the brisket - a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest - is braised as a pot roast. There are three secrets to cooking the perfect kosher brisket. Buy good brisket meat (meat #3 in Israel). Jewish brisket should be slow cooked. Choose any brisket recipe from this collection of Jewish brisket recipes. Thirdly, it is very important to slice the brisket correctly. Brisket must be sliced thinly and against the grain.
Top 10 Krugel Recipes
1. Cottage Cheese Noodle Kugel (Dairy): This Dairy Noodle Kugel is old-fashioned in character, easy to
Beef Brisket
Beef Brisket, a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest, is a popular Jewish holiday entree. Jews traditionally prepare beef brisket by braising it in a roasting pot. Learn how to prepare great brisket. Read the reasons why to prepare Jewish brisket for the holidays.
Matzo Ball Soup (Meat, Passover)
Matzo balls are dumplings served in chicken soup, especially on Passover. Enjoy this simple, fool-proof recipe for matzo ball soup.
Kosher-For-Passover Matzo (Parve, Passover)
Every year Jews worldwide celebrate Passover by reliving the story of the Exodus from Egypt as if they themselves are going from slavery to freedom. The Israelite slaves fled Egypt in haste and had to eat their bread before it had time to rise. Thus, on Passover Jews eat matzo, which is unleavened bread. This Matzo Recipe can be used to make homemade matzo.
What is Kosher Food?
What is Kosher Food? Read a succinct, clear definition of kosher food.
What's the difference between kosher wine and...
What's the difference between kosher wine and kosher for Passover wine?
Colorful Cauliflower (Parve, Passover)
My neighbor served this Colorful Cauliflower dish on Friday night, and it has become a staple on my Sabbath table ever since. I added a bit more onion and garlic powder to the recipe.
Baked Gefilte Fish Loaf (Pareve, Passover)
Gefilte fish is a loaf of chopped up fish, usually white-fleshed freshwater fish such as carp or pike. The chopped fish is generally mixed with onions, carrots and parsley. Eggs and matzah meal hold the mixture together. This gefilte fish recipe is unique in that it uses gefilte fish from a jar and bakes, rather than boils, the fish.
How To Set the Table for Passover Seder
How should I set the table for Passover Seder?
Matzo Farfel (Parve, Passover)
Looking for a starchy side dish your kids will like to eat for dinner during the week of Passover? Serve this Matzo Farfel with meat and a green vegetable for a satiating Passover meal.
Guide to Popular Kosher Symbols
Use this Guide to Popular Kosher Food Labels in America to understand the kosher certification symbols printed on the packages of prepared kosher food items. Page 8.
How to Prepare Noodle Kugel for Passover
This is one of those Passover recipes doesn't taste like a Passover recipe. An added plus is that this kosher-for-Passover, Dairy Noodle Kugel can be made in advance and frozen.
Can I Substitute Passover Cake Meal for Matzo...
An explanation of the difference between Passover cake meal and matzo meal, and how to substitute one for the other.
Miriam's Red Cabbage (Parve, Passover)
It is important to include Passover recipes that contain vegetables and fruit in your Passover menu, as they balance all the heavy egg and matzo Passover dishes eaten during the holiday week. Miriam's Red Cabbage can be made several days in advance, refrigerated and reheated. Thus, this delicious and pareve vegetable dish is good for body and soul!
Israeli Charoset with Mixed Nuts (Parve,...
At the Passover Seder, charoset is meant to look like and remind us of the mortar the Israelite slaves used in their building. This charoset combines a variety of nuts - almonds, walnuts, pistachios - with fresh fruit, dried fruit, wine and spices. If you like nuts, then this Israeli Charoset with Mixed Nuts recipe is for you!
Passover Rolls (Parve, Passover)
Not a fan of matzo? These Passover Rolls are the perfect replacement. Throughout the holiday week, fill these rolls with tuna, jelly, cheese, hot dogs, or sandwich meat to make a satisfying Pesach sandwich.
Cottage Cheese Noodle Kugel (Dairy)
This Sweet Dairy Noodle Kugel - made with egg noodles, cottage cheese, sour cream, eggs and sugar - has old-fashioned flavor. It is a great brunch dish, when served with bagels and spreads. It is also the perfect dish to serve at the end of a fast such as Tisha B'Av or Yom Kippur.
Roasted Asparagus (Parve)
Roasted Asparagus is the perfect side dish for any Sabbath or Jewish holiday meal. It is easy to make, and the color and taste complement meat main dishes.
Passover Cooking Substitutions
A list of ingredient substitutions that will help you adapt recipes for kosher for Passover Cooking.
Is Quinoa Kosher for Passover?
Is quinoa kosher for Passover? Why is this health food becoming a Passover staple? Learn about quinoa and get kosher for Passover quinoa recipes.
Vegetarian Vegetable Kugel (Pareve)
This savory, pareve, vegetable kugel is a favorite among vegetarians who keep kosher. When made with matzo meal instead of flour, this kugel is a favorite among vegetarians who keep kosher for Passover.
Israeli Charoset with Dried Fruit (Parve,...
This Israeli Charoset combines dried fruit - raisins, apricots, prunes - with fresh fruit, nuts and spices. Your Passover Seder guests will love the special additions to your charoset this year.
Dried Fruit Compote (Parve, Passover)
This Dried Fruit Compote is the perfect ending to a filling Passover Seder feast. This compote also works well for a Shabbat dessert or Tu B'Shvat treat.
Passover Macaroni and Cheese (Dairy, Passover)
This Passover Mac & Cheez recipe caught my attention because it is simple (as all Passover recipes should be), my kids love macaroni and cheese, and pasta is whatever everyone craves on Passover. After one trial run, the recipe became one of my family's favorite Passover meals.
Classic Israeli Salad (Pareve)
Israeli salad, finely diced tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers topped with olive oil, lemon juice and salt, is light, healthy and fresh tasting.
What is Parve?
Parve is a Hebrew term (pareve is the Yiddish term) that describes food without any meat or dairy ingredients. Jewish dietary laws considers pareve food to be neutral; Pareve food can be eaten with both meat and milk dishes. Fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables are parve.
Easy Sweet and Sour Brisket
This easy Sweet and Sour Brisket recipe is great for Shabbos as well as Purim and Hanukkah holiday meals. Just marinate the meat in a mixture of sauerkraut, peeled tomatoes and brown sugar, and then bake for 4 hours. It is amazingly easy to prepare a moist and delicious meat main dish for your family.
Apple Kugel (Parve, Passover)
Something about the bland and heavy feeling of Passover food makes Apple Kugel (Parve, Passover) a welcome Pesach dish.
Spinach Kugel (Pareve, Passover)
This Spinach Kugel is the perfect dish to serve for Sabbath meals during the week of Passover.
Impressive Passover Seder Menu and Recipes
I'll be honest. This year I don't just want to host Passover Seder, I want to impress my guests, especially my parents and siblings. And with 3 days to go until the Seder, I think I'll succeed. The trick was putting a lot of thought into the menu and organizing my time so there is time to do it all. I kashered the meat side of the kitchen, leaving the dairy side accessible to the kids to eat their cereal and make their sandwiches.
Jewish Holiday Brisket
It wouldn't be a Jewish holiday in my home without brisket. This simple brisket recipe, which can be prepared in advance, produces moist, sweet meat which can be enjoyed throughout the holiday.
Passover Seder Menu and Recipes
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Brisket in Wine Sauce (Meat)
Jamie Geller, author of Quick and Kosher Recipes from the Bride Who Knew Nothing, contributed this recipe for Brisket in Wine Sauce. Geller once again demonstrates how delicious and festive dishes can be easily and quickly prepared. Brisket is a popular Jewish holiday entree, especially for Rosh Hashanah and Passover.
Tuna - Terrific or Terrible?
What is healthy about tuna? What is unhealthy about tuna? Which tuna is best to eat? How much tuna is safe to eat? The EPA provides guidelines for the safe amount of tuna to eat.
How to Make Gefilte Fish
Gefilte fish is traditionally served as a first course for Jewish Sabbath and holidays meals. You can make a large batch of gefilte fish in advance of the holiday or Shabbat, and store them in the freezer. Then just defrost, heat and serve for a festive and delicious first course. Here are recipes and step-by-step instructions for making gefilte fish.
Tangy Baked Chicken (Meat, Passover)
Our South African friend David served this Tangy Baked Chicken for Shabbat during Passover. Just mix together the marinade ingredients, which are economical, flexible and kosher for Passover. Let the chicken marinate for a few hours or overnight. And bake. The resulting chicken is so delicious that your Sabbath guests are likely to ask for the recipe.
Passover Spinach Noodle Kugel
This Gluten-Free, Kosher-for-Passover Spinach Noodle Kugel will wow everyone at your Seder meal. Your family will also be happy to have this kugel throughout Passover week. The best thing about this kugel is that it doesn't taste like a Passover dish. The fresh spinach and onions give this kugel an old-fashioned, wholesome taste, and the fresh ingredients also make this an economical dish.
Passover Seder Chicken
I was looking for a chicken recipe for Passover Seder that would be different than my regular Shabbos chicken recipe and festive enough for the special Seder meal. My cousin Meryll emailed me her adaptation (simplification) of Joan Nathan's Patchke Pesah Chicken. The sauteed shallots, shittake mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes give the chicken intense flavor, and the marinade keeps the chicken moist. This chicken recipe is perfect for Passover Seder.
Chocolate Chip Cookies (Pareve, Passover)
You don't have to give up eating Chocolate Chip Cookies just because it is Passover!
Apricot Chicken (Meat)
So simple and so good! This Apricot Chicken is my family's favorite saucy chicken recipe. I like to make it for Shabbat lunch because it is moist enough to serve the day after baked.
Passover Cottage Cheese Kugel (Dairy, Passover)
My sister-in-law emailed me this recipe for Passover Cottage Cheese Kugel. She wrote that a friend brought
Banana Nut Cake with Chocolate Icing (Passover,...
This Banana Nut Cake with Chocolate Icing is kosher for Passover, but it's so delicious, you'll want to serve it year-round.
Broccoli Kugel (Parve)
It's 5 p.m. on Friday. The Jewish Sabbath starts in two hours. My 16-year-old daughter walks in from the beach, and tells me she has to take a kugel to the potluck Shabbat dinner she is having with friends. I open up my freezer to find a bag of frozen broccoli. As fast as I can, I throw together this Broccoli Kugel. Boy was I surprised when she came home and told me the kugel was the hit of the party!
Broccoli Souffle (Parve or Dairy)
This Broccoli Souffle, provided by Paula Levine Weinstein and Julie Komerofsky Remer of Columbus, Ohio, is one of those easy, versatile, sure-fire success recipes that should be in the recipe box of every kosher cook. This souffle can be pareve or dairy depending on whether it is made with milk, soy milk or coffee rich. And it can even be made kosher for Passover by using matzo meal instead of flour.
Coffee Meringue Cookies (Pareve, Passover)
I was looking for a lite, easy-to-serve, sweet dessert to end the Passover Seder. I tested these Coffee Meringue Cookies this Shabbos, and everyone, even the kids, loved them. In addition, they had a surprisingly pretty appearance as the coffee grains give the meringues a nice color and stripe. Best of all, I can prepare these a few days before the Seder and store in an airtight container.
Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Beets (Parve,...
This Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Beets recipe comes from Tamar Ansh's wonderful Kosher for Passover cookbook, A Taste of Tradition: Pesach - Anything's Possible! This parve vegetable side dish is healthy, simple to make, special to serve, and complementary to any meat, poultry, fish or vegetarian main dish served for the Passover Seder meal.
Vegetable Kugel for Passover (Pareve, Passover)
Looking for a healthy, delicious Passover side dish that is relatively easy to prepare? This delicious Vegetable Kugel contains grated carrots, zucchini, celery, potatoes, onion and garlic mixed with eggs, oil, potato starch and spices. Given that Passover food tends to be heavy, the more vegetables used in Passover cooking, the better.
Traditional Hanukkah Latkas - Potato Pancakes...
Fried food is traditionally eaten on Hanukkah in commemoration of the oil that miraculously burned for eight days when the Maccabees purified and rededicated the holy Temple in Jerusalem. Fried Potato Pancakes (called Latkes in Yiddish and Levivot in Hebrew) are the hands-down, mouth-open holiday favorite.
Brownies (Pareve, Passover)
During the week of Passover, you can depend on this simple, dependable recipe for Passover Brownies to give your kids a treat they will enjoy.
Gourmet Matzo Brei (Parve, Passover)
Matzo brei is so easy-to-make and tasty that it has become a Passover staple. My kids love matzo brei so much that they ask for it all year round.
Kosher Garlic and Dill Pickled Cucumbers (Parve)
My father made these Pickled Cucumbers when I was growing up. I tried them once, and my kids fell in love with them. Now every morning they ask me to make them a pita stuffed with humus and these pickles for school. I call them old fashioned pickles because they don't use pickling mixes or any such modern ingredients. In this recipe the cucumbers are pickled in water, salt, vinegar, garlic and dill.
Passover Seder Guide
Each Passover, Jews worldwide take part in a special feast called the Passover Seder. The Passover Seder is the most widely observed Jewish practice today. Find Passover menus and recipes, as well as guides on cooking for Pesach Seder, setting the Passover Seder table, and preparing for Seder Plate.
Adina's Sweet Potatoes (Parve, Passover)
This is a delicious, sweet, parve side dish to serve on Passover. Adina's Sweet Potatoes are also easy to make. I cut the potatoes, and my kids mix the sauce and pour it over the potatoes. After baking the potatoes, we all enjoy eating them together, usually with chicken or turkey.
Breaded Baked Chicken (Meat)
This recipe for Breaded Baked Chicken is quick, easy, loved by all and even good the next day. What else could anyone ask of a recipe? This is a great Sabbath lunch entree.
Eggplant Cutlets (Parve, Passover)
My teenage daughter, who is not a big fan of meat, loves to eat these vegetarian Eggplant Cutlets every Passover. The tomato-lemon-sugar seasoning makes them moist and tangy.
Sauteed Mushrooms in Cream Sauce (Dairy)
Use this easy-to-make Sauteed Mushrooms in Cream Sauce recipe when you want to serve a delicious dairy side dish. It can also be served on top of pasta.
Passover Noodles (Parve, Passover)
If you have a pre-teen in the house, this is a great recipe to let them prepare for the Passover Seder. My teen puts on the music and stands for hours happily making kosher for Passover blintzes which we later cut into strips for these noodles.
Passover Pancakes (Dairy)
A Kosher for Passover pancake recipe made with matzah cake meal and tapioca starch.
Passover Blueberry Muffins (Parve, Passover)
If you don't want to start your Passover mornings with matzo, try preparing and serving these delicious Pesach Blueberry Muffins for breakfast. These muffins are a big hit because the ratio of fruit to Pesach ingredients is perfect.
What is Farfel?
Farfel, a popular side dish in Jewish Ashkenazi cuisine, are small, pellet-shaped, egg noodles.
Lemon Bars (Pareve, Passover)
Looking for a new Passover dessert recipe? These Lemon Bars are a nice change of pace from the traditional Sponge Cake and easy-to-make Chocolate Brownies usually baked on Passover.
2-Minute Cole Slaw (Pareve)
I like to be able to quickly make a variety of salads, especially in the summer. They add a colorful, healthy and light touch to everyday and Sabbath meals. Simply buy a package of ready-cut vegies, combine a few ingredients for the dressing, and stir. In addition to being a quick-fix, I like this 2-Minute Cole Slaw recipe because it is not too heavy and saucy.
About Jewish Sabbath Dinners
Sabbath Dinner Experience: The Jewish Day of Rest, Shabbat in Hebrew, begins on Friday at sundown and
What is Glatt Kosher?
What is Glatt Kosher? Kosher Food.
Potato Kugel with Mushrooms (Parve, Passover)
The layer of mushrooms and onions in the middle adds a festive touch to this pareve, kosher-for-Passover Potato Kugel.
Susie Fishbein's Purple Cabbage Salad (Parve)
Susie Fishbein includes this recipe for Purple Cabbage Salad in her Passover by Design cookbook. This colorful salad, contributed by her friend Beth Eidman, can be prepared early in the day of the Passover Seder and then served as a Pesach salad or side dish.
How to Matzah Ball Soup
This this step-by-step guide, with photos, describes how to make matzah ball soup. Matzah balls or matzo balls, also called knaidlach, are traditionally served in chicken soup during Passover. My kids, however, ask me to serve matzo balls for the Jewish High Holidays and for Friday night Sabbath dinner throughout the winter.
Passover Cheese Blintzes (Dairy, Passover)
Cheese blintzes, a classic Ashkenazic Jewish food that probably originated in Poland, can be made kosher for Passover simply by replacing the flour in the recipe with potato starch.
Chocolate Mousse Torte (Parve, Passover)
This is one of those Passover recipes that is so good it can be made and eaten year round. The need to separate eggs and use two different mixing bowls is well compensated by a good looking and delicious dessert.
Vegetarian Matzo Ball Soup (Parve)
My kids have always loved to eat Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls for Shabbat dinner. When my teenage son became a vegetarian, I initially replaced Friday night's chicken soup with a vegetable soup and stopped making matzo balls altogether. When I discovered that I can actually make a Vegetarian Matzo Ball soup, I had happy campers at my Sabbath table once again.
Russian Potato Salad (Parve)
This Russian Potato Salad is hearty and delicious. The peas and carrots add color and flavor that set this salad apart from other potato salads. For a pleasing summer meal, serve this potato salad with fried chicken.
Baked Gefilte in Tomato Sauce (Parve)
Why work hard when you don't have to? You can enjoy great tasting gefilte fish without spending all day in the kitchen. Simply buy a frozen gefilte fish loaf, cover with tomato sauce, and bake. Baked Gefilte Fish in Tomato Sauce is an easy and delicious Shabbos appetizer.
Sugared Almond Salad (Parve)
Paula Weinstein and Julie Remer's Kosher Sugared Almond Salad is the all-time favorite salad of my family and friends. Whenever we are invited to a potluck, I am asked to bring this salad. For a Sabbath or holiday meal, this can be served as an appetizer. This sweet combination of lettuce, fruit and nuts simply can't be topped.
Passover Coconut Cake (Parve, Passover)
The base of this recipe comes from an online forum in which Israelis trade their favorite Passover recipes. I simplified the recipe so it would be easy to make for the holiday. And I made it parve, so it could be eaten after a festive meat meal. I hope your family will enjoy it as much as mine.
10 Steps to Preparing for Passover
These 10 Steps to Preparing for Passover will help make preparing for the Seder and holiday week a breeze.
Vegetarian Chopped Liver
This Vegetarian Chopped Liver is so delicious that you won't mind the frying it requires. There are many versions of parve chopped liver, but this one made of eggplants, onions, garlic, and hard-boiled eggs is our family's favorite. Vegetarian chopped liver is lighter and healthier than real chopped chicken livers, but the taste is quite similar.
Top Shabbat Chicken Recipes
Chicken is the most popular Shabbat entree. It is so versatile. Chicken is delicious whether roasted, fried, cooked, breaded, marinated, or stuffed. As such, I favor the easy-to-make chicken recipes. The following are my favorite chicken recipes for Jewish Sabbath meals.
What are Jewish Dietary Laws?
A person keeps kosher if he or she follows Jewish Dietary Laws. What are Jewish Dietary Laws (the laws of kashrut)?
Mandel Bread (Pareve)
Mandelbrot, which literally means almond (mandel) bread (brot), is a twice-baked hard bread similar to Italian biscotti. For classic, rich-tasting mandel bread, follow these directions, provided by Paula Levine Weinstein and Julie Komerofsky Remer, EXACTLY as they are written.
Meringue with Strawberries and Chocolate (Parve)
My wife made these Meringue Cups with Strawberries and Chocolate Sauce for Passover Seder years ago. Now our kids insist we serve this for Pesach Seder dessert every year.
Parve Mashed Potatoes (Parve)
Mashed potatoes go so well with Thanksgiving turkey and gravy, but most mashed potatoes recipes contain butter, milk or cream. A menu consisting of both turkey meat and dairy products is a problem for kosher observant. This Parve Mashed Potato recipe is the solution. Now you can enjoy a kosher Thanksgiving meal with traditional turkey and non-dairy mashed potatoes.
10 Tips to Cooking for the Passover Seder
These 10 Tips for Passover Seder Cooking will help make preparing for the Seder and holiday week a breeze.
Turkey and Wine Roast (Meat, Passover)
Turkey is a nice idea for the Passover Seder as it is more special than chicken and lighter than meat. This Turkey and Wine Roast, from Tamar Ansh's Passover cookbook A Taste of Tradition: Pesach - Anything's Possible!, is simple, delicious and prepared the day before the holiday. In addition, left-overs are perfect for Chol HaMoed.
Eazy Lazy Meatballs (Meat)
One of the challenges I face in my life today is how to satiate the appetite of my always-hungry, 13-year-old son. I recently discovered that meatballs hit the spot. I call them Eazy Lazy Meatballs because they are easy enough for my son to make by himself so I can be lazy about dinner for a night or two.
Amazing Vegetarian Matzo Ball Soup
A kosher for Passover vegetarian Matzo Ball Soup recipe
Pesah Chocolate Chip Mandelbrot (Pareve,...
These Pesah Chocolate Chip Mandelbrot cookies are perfect for Passover. They provide that bread-like texture we all miss during Passover, but they don't have that sandy taste that often comes from baking with matzo meal. They can be baked in advance of the holiday and stored in the freezer. Enjoy these almond-chocolate cookies with a hot cup of tea or coffee.
Twice Baked Potato Casserole (Dairy)
This is a great recipe for Passover eve, as it contains no matzo or matzo products, and for the week of Passover, as it contains no flour. But this Twice Baked Potato Casserole is delicious year round too!
Quinoa With Arugula, Butternut Squash &...
A kosher for Passover quinoa salad recipe with roasted butternut squash, arugula, and citrus vinaigrette
What is Matzo?
Matzo is an unleavened bread that Jews eat during the Jewish Festival of Freedom called Passover (Pesach in Hebrew).
Sponge Cake (Parve, Passover)
Balance heavy Passover dishes with this light, easy-to-make and dependable Sponge Cake from Our Customers' Favorites by Paula Levine Weinstein and Julie Komerofsky Remer.
Classic Gefilte Fish (Pareve)
At the time of the Mishna (200 CE), rabbis deemed it meritorious to eat fish on the Sabbath and Jews became accustomed to eating fish at festive meals. Due to the plethora of rivers in Europe, Ashkenazi Jews tended to cook with freshwater fish. Eastern European Jews would make a mixture of chopped fish, stuff it back into the skin of the fish, and boil it. The word gefilte means stuffed in Yiddish.
Index of Passover Recipes
Jewish cooks worldwide and over the centuries have sought ways to create food for Passover that is tasty despite the extra kosher restrictions placed on food during this weeklong holiday. These kosher-for-Passover recipes are the fruits of their labor.
Susie Fishbein's Lemon Meringue (Parve)
Susie Fishbein calls this is a fabulous Passover dessert. The three components - meringues, lemon cream, and chocolate-dipped nuts can all be prepared 2-3 days in advance and assembled right before the Seder. This meringue dessert is also a delicious, year-round gluten-free dessert.
Are Brussels Sprouts Kosher?
Learn about the kosher status of fresh brussels sprouts, why many rabbinic authorities recommend kosher-certified frozen Brussels sprouts, and how individual cooks handle the kosher Brussels sprouts controversy.
Iraqi Charoset (Pareve, Passover)
A recipe for Iraqi Charoset made with walnuts and date syrup.
Marinated Pargiot (Meat)
Whenever boneless chicken thighs (called Pargiot in Hebrew) go on sale, we buy, marinate and grill or cook them. Boneless chicken thighs are a tender, moist cut of chicken, and this marinade packs the meat with great flavor. We especially enjoy pargiot during the summer months because they are a lite source of protein. Serve these delicious Pargiot with rice and roasted vegetables for a delicious and satiating Shabbos or weekday family meal.
Three-Color Gefilte Fish Loaf (Parve)
I fell in love with this recipe, which was created by Canada's leading kosher cookbook author Norene Gilletz, because it raises traditional Jewish gefilte fish to new heights. This Three-Color Gefilte Fish Loaf is healthy, beautiful and festive. And it is surprisingly easy to prepare. I plan to serve it for our Purim Seudah, Passover Seder and many holiday meals to come.
Simple Roast Chicken (Meat)
Roast chicken proves that sometimes simple is better. Simply mix spices, coat chicken and then bake, uncovered, in the oven. You can make preparation and serving even easier by buying a chicken cut into eighths. The result is a moist and flavorful chicken entree that everyone will love.
Honey Glazed Carrots (Parve)
Honey Glazed Carrots are the perfect side dish for any Sabbath or Jewish holiday meal. Given their sweet flavor, they are especially fitting for Rosh Hashana. They are easy to make, and the color and taste complement meat entrees.
Carrot Kugel (Parve)
While many carrot kugels are really carrot cake in disguise, this Carrot Kugel has a definite kugel quality about it. The flavor of this honey-sweetened kugel is dominated by carrots and complemented by lemon rind. The egg whites add a light touch. Bake the kugel in loaf pans, muffin pans or a bundt pan.
Moroccan Sweet Beet Salad (Parve)
Add variety to your Shabbat table with this Moroccan Sweet Beet Salad. After cooking the beets in water, simply slice and spice. Simple, colorful, healthy and delicious. This salad is so tasty that even the kids will eat it up.
Lemon Meringue Cake
My aunt used to make this Lemon Meringue Cake every Passover, and it was one of my strongest childhood memories of Passover Seder. That memory, and having a fruitful lemon tree in our yard, motivated me to make this cake for my kids this Pesach. The cake turned out so delicious that I plan to make it again even after the Passover holiday ends.
Baked Onion Chicken
My sister-in-law brought this Onion Chicken to our Passover Seder. It was moist, sweet, and so delicious that I plan to make it for my family year round. You can add this baked chicken recipe to your collection of Shabbos chicken recipes.
Chocolate Mousse (Parve)
This recipe was given to me by an old flatmate who is also an artist. She prepares the most wonderful food and this chocolate mouse always gets rave reviews. I have made it here with 250 grams of chocolate but you can use any amount that you like always keeping the ratio of 1 egg per every 50 grams of chocolate plus one extra egg white. Thanks Liora!
Blintz Souffle (Dairy)
While Jews probably began making blintzes hundreds of years ago in Poland, they only began to use frozen blintzes to make this Blintz Souffle recipe in 20th-century America. When you have a crowd joining you for a dairy meal - such as for Sabbath, Shavuot, or the Nine Days - this easy-to-make, crowd-pleasing Blintz Souffle is the perfect dish to serve.
Kids' Favorite Cucumber Salad (Parve)
This is the only salad my kids request. Simply wash cucumbers, slice (for thin, even slices a food processor is recommended), add spices, and refrigerate. Your family will enjoy, especially during the hot summer months, this sweet cucumber salad all week long.
Lite Potato Kugel (Parve)
Potato Kugel is a staple of Eastern European Jewish cooking. For a low fat, reduced carb version, try this Lite Potato Kugel recipe. It contains fewer egg yokes and no oil.
Italian Charoset (Parve, Passover)
At the Passover Seder, charoset is meant to look like and remind us of the mortar the Israelite slaves used in their building. This Traditional Italian Charoset, contributed by Frank Tamburello, contains dates, almonds, apples, raisins and orange juice.
Sweet Potato Kugel (Parve)
If you like sweet kugels and you like potato kugels, then this sweet potato kugel is perfect for you. And since sweet is the name of the game on Rosh Hashanah, this kugel could make the perfect holiday side dish for your New Year celebration.
Kugel Yerushalmi - Jerusalem Kugel (Parve)
This uniquely-flavored savory kugel, of caramelized noodles spiced with black pepper, was brought to the city of Jerusalem by Eastern European Hasidic Jews in the eighteenth century. Thus the kugel is called Kugel Yerushalmi, which means Jerusalem Kugel. Kugel Yerushalmi is traditionally eaten after Sabbath morning prayer services - either for kiddish or lunch - along with cholent and pickles.
Passover Grocery Shopping List
A printable master shopping list for Passover groceries, with room for quantities, additional items, and personal notes.
Cauliflower Latkes (Parve)
These Cauliflower Latkes are perfect for Hanukkah or Passover. They are healthier and lower in carbohydrates than traditional Potato Pancakes. They are also easier to prepare than Potato Latkes. And in my humble opinion they are tastier. For an even healthier touch, add steamed and mashed broccoli to the pancake batter to create cauliflower-broccoli vegetable latkes for a nutritious Jewish holiday meal.
Simple Baked Salmon Fillet (Parve)
For a moist and flavorful salmon entree, simply drip seasonings on the fish, wrap the fillet tightly in foil, and bake. This Baked Salmon Fillet is easy to make, healthy and light to eat, and aesthetic enough to serve to guests.
Garlic Baked Sea Bass (Parve)
This Garlic Baked Sea Bass recipe is easy enough for novice fish cooks to master. Simply rub some olive oil, lemon juice, minced garlic, salt and pepper into this mild fish, and bake for 20 minutes. Sometimes it is surprisingly simple to prepare a delicious, healthy main dish.
Charred Pepper Salad (Parve)
This Charred Pepper Salad can be served hot or cold. It’s a great Shabbat salad as you can serve it warm on Friday night and then cold for lunch the next day – though if you want enough for both meals I suggest doubling the recipe. The longer it sits in the marinade the tastier it gets!
Are Kosher Hot Dogs Better Than Regular Hot Dogs?
Brief history of the hot dog highlighted by the popularity of kosher hot dogs amid more than just the small, kosher-observant Jewish population.
Why do Jews eat hamantashen pastries on Purim?
Why do Jews eat hamantashen pastries on Purim?
Susie Fishbein's Roast Turkey with Caramelized...
If Susie Fishbein writes "I love this turkey recipe", then I've got to make it! I can't hide my enthusiasm
Favorite Passover Recipes
There are a handful of Passover recipes that everyone makes every year. Like matza itself, without these popular Pesach dishes, it just wouldn't be Passover. Find recipes for Passover Rolls, Matza Brei and more.
Creamy Baked Potatoes (Dairy)
This recipe for Creamy Baked Potatoes proves, once again, that sometimes it is incredibly easy to put delicious food on the table. Just slice the potatoes, top them with cream, garlic, salt and pepper, and then bake. Your kids will be thrilled. For an easy Shavuot meal, serve these dairy potatoes after the soup, along with the salmon and salad, and before the cheesecake.
Tsimmes Kugel (Parve)
Cookbook author Sara Finkel calls her Tsimmes Kugel recipe "a modern version of two traditional Shabbat
What is Kosher?
What is Kosher Food?: Kosher food is food prepared in accordance with Jewish Dietary Laws. What is Glatt
Latkes Recipes
Fried Potato Pancakes, called Latkes in Yiddish and Levivot in Hebrew, are the most popular Hanukkah food. While traditional latkes are made from potatoes, today one can find many creative twists to the traditional latkes recipe. They include sweet potato, cauliflower, broccoli, leek, cheese and even tuna latkes.
Lemon Olive Roast Chicken (Meat)
Bring a taste of Israel to your Shabbat table by serving this Lemon Olive Roast Chicken for the Friday night Sabbath dinner. This chicken is especially popular in Moroccan Jewish homes, where it is often served with couscous or rice.
How To Make Challah
Making challah is not as difficult as its final braided shape makes it appear to be. And any effort that is invested in making challah is well worth the result! The smell and taste of freshly baked challah can turn a house into a home.
Perfect Roast Potatoes (Parve)
I make these Roast Potatoes every Friday night, so my children think Shabbat and roast potatoes are synonymous.
Moroccan Chicken with Lemon and Olives (Meat)
Want to make a chicken dish with Israeli flavor? My neighbor Carmit showed me how to make her family’s favorite chicken - Moroccan Chicken with Lemon and Olives. She covers the chicken with lemons and olives, along with her grandmother’s Sephardic spices, to create a delicious and easy-to-make main course for Friday night dinner.
Egg Souffle (Dairy)
This light and cheesy kosher Egg Souffle is perfect for a Sunday family meal. Serve with fresh bagels and fruit salad.
Spinach Noodle Kugel
This Spinach Noodle Kugel makes a nice side dish for the Sabbath or holiday table. The fresh spinach and onions give it an old-fashioned, wholesome taste. The fresh ingredients also make this an economical dish.
Honeyed White Wine Chicken with Lemon & Olives...
A recipe for chicken baked in a honey wine sauce, with green olives and lemon.
Cheesy Vegetable Quiche with Potato Pancake Crust
A recipe from Chef Alison Gutwaks for kosher for Passover Cheesy Vegetable Quiche with Potato Pancake Crust
Potatoes Baked in Coconut Milk (Parve)
When God commanded the separation of meat and milk, He challenged us to find creative ways to eat creamy potatoes with meat meals. One easy and delicious solution is baking the potatoes is parve coconut milk instead of dairy milk. You can serve these Potatoes Baked in Coconut Milk with Roast Chicken at your upcoming Sabbath or holiday meal. Enjoy this easy-to-prepare, non-dairy scalloped potato recipe with a touch of curry flavor.
Brownies with Banana Ice Cream and Chocolate...
My kids love this Passover dessert because it doesn't taste like a Passover dessert. And I like it because it is quite easy to prepare. Serve this Brownies with Banana Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce for either Passover or a gluten-free treat year-round.
Parve Scalloped Potatoes (Parve)
When God commanded the separation of meat and milk, He challenged us to find creative ways to eat creamy potatoes with meat meals. This Scalloped Potatoes recipe is one attempt. You can serve these Parve Scalloped Potatoes with Roast Chicken at your upcoming Sabbath or holiday meal.
Toffee Bars (Parve, Passover)
What do you get when you mix margarine, sugar, chocolate and nuts? Easy-to-make and delicious Passover Toffee Bars that everyone will gobble up.
Traditional Chicken Noodle Soup (Meat)
It has become a family tradition to serve Chicken Noodle Soup for our Rosh Hashanah holiday meal and Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls for Passover Seder. The herbs and spices used in this Chicken Soup recipe make for a deliciously rich broth.
Susie Fishbein's Dry Rub Short Ribs (Meat)
Susie Fishbein includes this recipe for Dry Rub Short Ribs in her Passover by Design cookbook. She writes that the slow braise in wine makes these ribs melt-in-your-mouth delicious. And she suggests serving them over mashed potatoes.
Roasted Vegetables
Roasted Vegetables is an easy, healthy, colorful, delicious dish that can be served as a snack, appetizer or side dish for weeknight or more festive Sabbath or holiday meals. The vegetables we like to roast are sweet potatoes, zucchini, eggplant, red and yellow bell peppers, purple onions, garlic and mushrooms. If you are serving children or vegetarians, consider serving the vegetables with a small bowl of techina, as dipping the vegetables into the paste of ground sesame seeds adds protein.
Sesame Green Beans (Parve)
Susan Portman's Sesame Green Beans are gently flavored with teriyaki, olive oil and garlic. This parve green vegetable dish is the perfect complement to a meat and potato dinner. Carrots can be added for a more colorful side dish.
Menus for Jewish Sabbath Meals
These various kosher menus for Jewish Sabbath meals aim to help make your Shabbat a wonderful experience for you, your family and your guests. Find menus and recipes for low carb and nutritious, quick and easy, winter, summer, spring and fall Sabbath meals.

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