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How to Fast


While hunger pains and weakness are an expected consequence of fasting, one need not dehydrate, faint or get sick while fasting. There are several ways to prepare oneself physically for a healthy fast. How to fast?

Days before the Fast
  • Stop eating foods with high caffeine and sugar content.
  • Begin drinking more water than usual.
The Day before the Fast
  • Eat something small every two hours (nosh).
  • Avoid foods with caffeine and salt.
  • Drink plenty of water.
The Meal before the Fast (Seudat Mafseket)
  • Plan the menu of this final meal so that it contains high carbohydrate and low salt foods.
  • Sit down for the final meal before the fast at least an hour before the fast begins so there is no rush to eat quickly.
  • Do not eat too much in the meal before the fast, but drink plenty of water.
  • Leave time after the meal and before the fast to drink warm water with sugar and brush teeth.

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